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We encourage venues, vendors and event professionals to submit articles and new venues for inclusion in and "The Reception" blog. We review all submissions for quality prior to posting.

Real Wedding Submissions

The Real Weddings section on The Reception blog offers ideas and inspiration to brides, grooms and event professionals in search of the perfect wedding venue and theme. We currently accept Real Wedding submissions from photographers via Two Bright Lights.

Guest Author Submissions

We are always looking for guest authors to contribute informative articles on The Reception blog. These articles can cover topics such as venue reviews, wedding and event tips, best practices, or any story that would be of interest to our audience of brides, event planners and event professionals. Full credit will be given to the author along with an author bio and links back to your website.

If you are interested in becoming a guest author, please contact us. Be sure to include the following in your message: your company name, website url, links to a few articles you have published (if possible) and the type of article you wish to write. Note: We prefer original posts over cross-posts.

Add Your Venue or Reception Hall

Venues owners and managers are encouraged to complete the new listing form from our venue advertising page.

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To suggest a venue for inclusion for inclusion on, send an email to suggest at Include the venue name, city, state and a contact person at the venue (if possible). Any additional information as to why you feel this venue should be added is greatly appreciated.